Golden Chestnut Gala

From the "Sagra" to the "Galà": 28 years of "story"

"Sagra" is how we would call a countryside festival. But the "Golden Chestnut Gala" is much bigger and it offers much more than a normal countryside festival. For such reason, last year (2014) its patron Paolo Bruno changed the name from "Sagra" to "Galà". The new name better suits this festival, which in 28 years managed to grow considerably, especially in quality of events and quantity of people. The “Galà” takes place on the second weekend of October in Frabosa Sottana.
This Autumn festival, organized by the Turist Association Mondolè, is known far beyond the borders of the our Region and this is because it perfectly incorporates the old traditions of the mountain (culture, food and folklore) and the modernity of sports and show business.

The event usually begins with the Gala Dinner on Friday. Every year at such dinner you can taste the finest dishes, made with the best typical products of the area. The valued menus could satisfy any taste buds. Lately the menus have been created by Michelin starred chefs, that are also in charge of supervising the kitchen during the preparation of the Gala Dinner.

On Saturday a market is set up all over the village, so you can have a walk through the stalls that sell typical products and high-quality handcraft. Thousands of visitors come for the market and for the shows of Saturday night, usually held by Italian famous comedians. On Sunday we invite important celebrities and assign them the Golden Chestnut. This award is to highlight the great talent, courage, sacrifice and integrity of these champions.

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The Golden Chestnut Galà 2015

This year at the Golden Chestnut Gala’ Dinner, 2 Michelin-starred chefs organized and prepared the menu: Maurilio Garola from the restaurant La Ciau, Tornavento of Treiso (CN) and Davide Scabin from the restaurant of Rivoli (TO).

More than 280 people participated to the Gala Dinner this year. The kitchen was supervised by the 2 Michelin-starred chefs Maurilio Garola and Davide Scabin, and the local Andrea Bertolino. The Istituto Alberghiero di Mondovì (Mondovì Hospitality Training Institute), under the supervision of Mr. Claudio Orsi, organised the service, that was perfect as usual.

Look here the menu of the Gala Dinner

The free entry show of Saturday night was “packed” with people. Sandro Fedele brilliantly presented this innovative show to which many talented people took part. We had the pleasure to enjoy Luca Zanetti’s music with Diego Mascherpa playing wind instruments and Saverio Miele playing double bass, and the dancers Giorgio Proserpio and Monica Gallarate. We loved Marco Carena’s songs and monologues, and Elena Ascione’s cabaret show. We were impressed by the equilibrist ability of Mister David and Elena Timpanaro, and then we laughed with the comedian Edoardo Mecca.

The Golden Chestnut awards 2015

But the highlight of the Gala was on Sunday, when the Golden Chestnut was assigned to some of the most important Italian sports champions. Down below you can read about them and the reason why we decided to assign them this award.

Tania Cagnotto
Tania Cagnotto is an Italian diver. She is the first Italian female diver to win a medal in a World Championship. She won the gold medal in the 1-meter springboard at the 2015 FINA World Championship held in Kazan; she was the first Italian female diver to achieve this result. In the same event, Cagnotto also won the bronze medal in the 3-meter springboard. She inherited her talent from her father (Giorgio Cagnotto), and she refined it thanks to her style, technique and determination. She has got 10 World Cup medals, and we all wish her to get a deserved prize at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Giorgio Cagnotto
Giorgio Cagnotto is a former diver from Italy, who competed in five consecutive Summer Olympics for his native country, starting in 1964. He is Tania’s father and is now the head coach of the Italian divers team. In the past he won 2 silver medals (1972 and 1976) and 2 bronze medals (1972 and 1980) at the Olympics, and a gold medal at the European Cup (1970). Since 1992 he is member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame. Thanks to him at least two generations got to approach and love the divers world.

Rossella Fiamingo
Rossella Fiamingo is a 24-year-old epee fencer and, besides the many silver and bronze medals, she won a gold medal this year at the Moscow World Cup. Rossella is already a legend, then, with her sweet look and her gentle manner. She draws the sword with aggression and determination and leaves no room for rivals. She is obviously going to compete in Rio de Janeiro next year.

Simone Ruffini
Simone Ruffini is a swim champion: he won a gold medal at the 2011 Universiades in China and he is the winner of 25 km Men in Kazan. The 25 km does not take place in the Olympics facilities, but in rivers and sea, so you need a great mixture of strength, stubbornness and dedication, definitely shown by Ruffini at the World Cup.

Ferruccio Dardanello
Ferruccio Dardanello is the president of Confcommercio in Cuneo. Confcommercio means “the Italian General Confederation of Enterprises, Professions and Self-Employment”, and it is the largest business association in Italy. He has worked for his whole life aiming at improving tourism in our area, and he was really successful in this. He introduced a modern, high-quality tourism, which is strictly linked with the development, protection and advertising of agriculture and handcraft from our area. The Tour de France, our wines in Rome, Milan, New York, Canada and Germany, Levaldigi airport... and these are only some of the project effected by Ferruccio Dardanello. Thanks to him, every year more and more tourists come to visit our beautiful land.

Paolo Bonolis
Paolo Bonolis is an Italian TV presenter and comedian. He has worked in the show business for 30 years. He presented many TV shows or quiz, and even the Sanremo Festival, which is the most important Italian music festival. Paolo is a volcano of ideas and he is enthusiastic about his work: behind his irony and his cockiness, sometimes cynical, you can find an intelligent view of the world and of the mankind with their strengths and weaknesses. We assigned the Golden Chestnut to him as well because he is passionate, enthusiastic, successful and loyal just like a sports champion.


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